Where to Start When You Don't Have Access to Mental Health

December 10, 2018

While getting help for mental health issues is slowly losing its stigma, the truth of the matter is access to treatment is still difficult for far more people than society would like to admit.  I want anyone who is struggling with mental health issues to know that just because you can't get to professional help right now does not mean that all is lost. 


My hope is the gap of access to treatment and the people who need help closes, sooner than later... but in the meanwhile...


Connect with yourself

It's hard to know how to navigate the lows of this world if you don't start with a clearer understanding of who you are...your real self. 


Take regular moments alone to just breathe......in....and out. Understand that continued breath is a symbol of hope that things WILL get better... maybe not as soon as you'd like, but they will. The common denominator of everything that happens in your life, good and bad, is YOU. You have the power to make the difference.


So...choose yourself when you are feeling at your lowest. Choose to believe in the highest version of yourself, even when the world makes you think otherwise. You are valuable. You are not your mistakes. Your worth is not dependent on others' perception of you, good or bad. 


I bet you were expecting me to write a list of things; but, I won't.


That's because nothing else matters, until you start with you






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