We're made of

physical, mental/emotional & spiritual components.

It's up to us to take care of ALL parts of ourselves so that we can feel our best.

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Physical health and mental health affect each other.   

Anxiety is associated with high blood pressure, headaches, and heart issues, to name a few. Many people who have one or more of the following: arthritis, diabetes, heart issues, and cancer, among other ailments also have some form of depression.

A significant percentage of people with a medical condition ALSO suffer from some sort of mental health condition.

It’s very important we acknowledge the physical health implications of mental health issues and vice versa.

        Spiritual health and mental health affect each other.  

Helping professionals report spirituality and mental health are intrinsically linked. Spirituality is a protective factor in many people's lives. Many service professionals say having a good spiritual base leads to a stronger sense of guidance and purpose and an increased sense of comfort during hard times.

Because I have a mind-body approach to mental treatment, I observe how stress affects the client on those two levels. Yet, research has shown acknowledging "practicing spirituality" as a potential factor in mental health coping.  That being said, the option

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